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Ateliê do Equilíbrio

Physiotherapy & Functional Training

Tel.: +351 919 389 270; +351 914 621 914

Web: www.ateliedoequilibrio.com

Email: itlclickedme@gmail.com; samaraoliveirafisio@gmail.com

Address: Rua Joaquim Rodrigues Bicho, lote 115, r/c direito. 2350-087 Torres Novas

City: Torres Novas

Ateliê do Equilibrio is a Pilates and Wellness Studio. Our services include personalized Pilates training offering private or small group classes on equipment or solo, Postural Reeducation, Relaxation Massages, Stress and Pain Reduction Programs, Psychoanalysis sessions, Workshops, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Localized fat, cellulite and flaccidity treatments.Ateliê do Equilíbrio Studio is located in Santarém, Torres Novas and was created with the aim to providing its clients with an opportunity to better take care of their body and mind in order for them have body awareness necessary for a better understanding of themselves and faster process of cure.Avoiding the concept of treatment of isolated dysfunctions,  Ateliê do Equilíbrio Studio has helped people to look at themselves as a whole and feel the strength that exists not only in their body through movement but also in their mind through the change of attitudes.Our experienced instructors are driven by the 8 natural principles of health, helping patients to achieve their goals in wellness.

NIF: 263840409