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Who are we


THE NEWSTART NET is an organization of the International Health Association. It was founded in the United States of America in 1947 and in 1979 in Portugal. The purpose of this non-profit association is to promote among the communities the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and to warn them about the dangers of harmful substances, prompting the decision of total abstention of these products. The Weimar Institute has ownership rights of the acronym NEWSTART which is formed by the first letter of the following eight health principles: nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air (fresh), rest and trust in God.


Basic principle: We should be the first to be concerned about our health and this depends on our decisions. Taking into consideration the social and economic health determinants, there is evidence that, when they are put into practice, the health principles NEWSTART operate the complete renewal of each person, according to the natural law of the reason and the human will’s submission for a better well-being.


General purpose: To inter connect organizations and professionals to produce meaningful, comprehensive training that will transform the health of our patients according to the NEWSTART message, for prevention and reversion of the non-communicable diseases, incrementing their quality of life and longevity. 


Vision: Till 2029 we want to gain the trust of the Portuguese society in our services of health education based on evidence, professional inter connection depending on our patients’ needs and in the health branding based in an effective change of lifestyle.


Mission: To expand the NET for the cooperation between organizations and professionals training for the health of our patients by having the communities to share locally, promoting permanent dialogue, working, situational innovation, direct personal involvement and sense of belonging. 


Coordination: Horizontal exercise, with commitments, complementarity and logic integrated actions, according to a relation of mutual influence between the needs of new knowledge, meaningful practices and wanting to change attitude of our patients, attributing great relevance to reflexive story tellers.


Investigation & Development and Innovation (IDI): Seeing that we all have our vocation and specific mission in life that needs to be put into practice, we try to maximize our patients’ opportunities, trying to communicate knowledge and capacitating solutions of their utmost human growth, and thus emphasizing the meanings, participations and situational innovation analysis.


Basic action forms: Retention and transferal of good contextualized practices, resulting in a flow of relevant information to solve personal and organizational problems in interdisciplinary small groups in jointly clarification and development of values and shared symbols. We are focused in the need we all must grow in 

love that will express itself in full self-control, honor and dignity for reverent obedience to the truth of things.


Processes: We favor a community education searching its reinterpretation according to the basic NEWSTART, cooperating with each patient to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. We are aware there is always a need to eliminate (to abstain) bad behaviors and to advise the person of what is necessary; that is, to improve, increase and moderate all the good underlying causes. Following the (re)construction of trustworthy relationships, we try to intervene according to the individual, family and community plans, choosing changes of profound personal meaning where the persons will easily obtain success after success. For this to happen, we consider the behavioral predisposition (biological, psychological and social) of the participant, his/her promptness, his/her will and capacity-ability of the decision to make an effective change. We try to know their life stories and the “vital signs” of the participants’ lifestyles, evaluating and interpreting the processes and the relation between the personal effects and the social impacts.


Differentiation: Human trust in God. Human health depends on our spiritual and emotional nature, which results from the meaningful relationships we establish with our Spirit Creator and with one another. Thus, we highlight the need we all must find the wholly supreme meaning of our life; that is, to be able to know “why”, the great purpose and the real sense of our existence as human beings. This means we want to grow and make grow in conscience our existential responsibility towards the other human being who shares with us this planet, waiting for her/him with affection knowing that the pro health behavior change will only be effective in love and for love. It’s neither the will of pleasure nor the will of power the will of meaning. Love goes much further than  the physical person of the loved one, discovering the most profound meaning in his/her spiritual being, in him/herself. That’s the reason why we emphasize that a fundamental change in the attitude that each person must have towards life is truly necessary. This means we want to grow knowing that the pro health behavior change will only be effective in love and for love. We understand it is necessary to learn that, what matters, may not necessarily be what each person expects from life, but to question and understand what the Life Spirit expects from each one of us. To think of us as those who are being questioned by life every hour of each new day will lead us, we believe, to the search of more knowledge, actions and socially correct behavior-attitudes; but firstly, each person must assume the individual responsibility of finding the inner answer to all daily problems, and then, try to overcome them within the family and the community. Faith in the future, spiritual freedom, mental emancipation, intellectual boldness and physical maximization are the pillars of our differentiation founded in the knowledge of God.